All About Sun Lenses

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Variable tint lenses

Sun lenses with a variable tint are known as photochromic lenses. They adapt their shading to the intensity of sunlight and UV exposure. This means you can benefit from the same visual comfort whatever the weather conditions and wherever you go.

Find out how photochromic lenses can optimise your outdoor experience.

Thanks to photochromic technology, variable tint lenses adapt their shading to different levels of sunlight and UV. In bright conditions, the lens will darken, and in less intense sun, it will become lighter while remaining tinted. Today, photochromic sun lenses offer you the ultimate combination of comfort and protection, whatever the weather.

What are the advantages of a photochromic sun lens?

When you spend time outdoors, you are exposed to significant changes in sunlight intensity throughout the day, and regular fixed tint sun lenses will not adapt to these variations. The advantage of photochromic sun lenses is that the tint adapts to differences in light, offering you the right tint intensity for greater comfort of vision.

Eyes&Sun golfIf you play golf, for example, photochromic sun lenses allow you to practise from noon to the end of the afternoon with the same pair of sun lenses. The tint will darken from category 2 to category 3 to provide you with just the right amount of sunlight protection.

It is important to note that, even if the shade of the lens reacts to UV exposure, the tint itself is not responsible for UV protection. The material the lens is made from is what defines its ability to absorb UV rays.

Add another dimension to your photochromic sun lens

By combining photochromic and polarized technologies, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort in sunglasses. Your lens will not only be able to automatically adjust to sunlight; it will provide you with better colour contrast and complete protection against glare. In bright sunny conditions, a photochromic polarized sun lens will take on its darkest hue and stop dazzling glare. And in partial sun, the same lens will become lighter, allowing you to see clearly while also eliminating dazzling glare.

When selecting your photochromic sun lenses, you can choose between a brown tint that improves contrast or a grey tint that provides better colour rendering.

Finally, if you wear corrective glasses, ask your eye care professional about getting a photochromic sun lens made to your prescription.