All About Frames

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All About Frames

The frame is what defines the style of your sunglasses; in comparison, the lens is the finishing touch. So how can you choose the right look from the wealth of different models? And what are the other criteria you should consider when selecting your frame?

  • Some guidelines

    Eyes&Sun self confidence

    Your personal taste and style are extremely important when choosing your frame – but there are other factors to consider. Discover some guiding principles to help you select the most suitable sunglasses for your face.

  • Shapes and styles

    Child in sunglasses.

    While sunglasses come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, it is possible to distinguish three main categories. Of course, within each category, there is plenty of choice! Find out how to choose the form that suits your face and your lifestyle.

  • Different materials

    Eyes&Sun Red plastic frame

    What your frame is made from affects its weight, flexibility and resilience. Discover the properties of the different materials used in sunglasses frames – and their benefits and disadvantages for you.