All About Protection

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All About Protection

When you think about spending time outdoors, you probably have good memories: relaxing on a beach, going for a walk, playing sports, gardening, or just hanging out with friends on the terrace of a café.

But while the sun offers us plenty of benefits, it also brings a number of less desirable effects that, over time, can have an impact on our health. Most of us think to protect our skin against the sun, but what about our eyes?

Our eyes are the only internal tissues of our bodies directly exposed to sunlight, and knowing how to protect them all year round is essential for maintaining good vision throughout our lives.

  • Why protect your eyes outdoors?

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    Many of us say we feel our energy increases when we take part in outdoor activities. Being outdoors is undoubtedly good for us, but it also exposes our eyes to a number of potentially harmful threats. From glare and UV rays to dust and blue light, discover why we need to protect our eyes outdoors.

  • The risks for your eyes

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    If you don’t properly protect your eyes, what are the risks? Well, did you know that UV damage is responsible for 90% of visible premature aging? Or that eye infections and other more serious conditions can result from overexposure to sunlight?
    From mild discomfort to temporary conditions and long-term diseases, discover the different afflictions that can affect your eyes.

  • Making the most of life outdoors


    About 80% of the information we receive comes through our eyes – and that information is often essential for our well-being and our enjoyment of outdoor activities. Discover how sunglasses can help you drive more safely, play sports more efficiently, and generally make the most of your outdoor life.

  • Not all sunglasses are equal


    With the right pair of sunglasses, you’ll be equipped for any outdoor conditions. But not all frames and lenses provide the same guarantees. Discover how you can judge the performance of different sunglasses in terms of both protection and comfort.