All About Sun Lenses

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All About Sun Lenses

When you choose a lens, you are choosing the level of protection and comfort offered by your sunglasses. It's important to consider the shade of the tint: dark, light or somewhere in between? What about polarized lenses: do you need protection against bright glare? And is it a priority for you to have a lens that adapts to the intensity of sunlight?

A range of special treatments is also available for your lens to strengthen UV protection, improve durability, and offer better visual performance. Take your time to find a lens that matches both your needs and expectations.

  • Understanding sun lenses

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    Your lens helps protect your eyes from UV rays, bright light, glare and other external nuisances. But not all lenses are equal. So, how can you choose the most appropriate shading and colour for your lifestyle? Discover some general guidelines about the range of tints and colours available.

  • Fixed tint lenses

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    In fixed tint lenses, the shade of the lens does not change. Within this category of sun lens, there are two main types: classic and polarized lenses. Both types come in a range of colour and tints adapted for different intensities of sunlight, while polarized lenses also eliminate glare to give you more comfort and confidence outdoors.

  • Variable tint lenses

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    Sun lenses with a variable tint are known as photochromic lenses. They adapt their shading to the intensity of sunlight and UV exposure. This means you can benefit from the same visual comfort whatever the weather conditions and wherever you go.

    Find out how photochromic lenses can optimise your outdoor experience.

  • Extra options


    Sunglasses have a hard life! We constantly handle them, often forget to store them in their case, and subject them to different types of manhandling. Fortunately, a number of special treatments exist to provide your lens with extra durability, while other treatments can help improve UV protection and visual performance.