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Me And My Sunglasses

You probably already have a good idea of the style you want for your sunglasses. And you may have read up on the different types of lenses and frames. But don't forget that your sunglasses must be adapted to your way of life.
They are your eyes' best friend, an investment for now and the future - so it's essential to choose a model that suits your personal style while also covering your needs.

  • Reflecting your personality & lifestyle

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    Your sunglasses need to be adapted to both your personality and your lifestyle. So, before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to ask yourself: what do I expect from my sunglasses, and what kind of life do I lead outdoors?

  • What about corrective sunglasses?

    Pitch BLK POL

    Are you one of the many who need vision correction but do not own prescription sunglasses? Maybe you tell yourself they’re not as stylish as ordinary sunglasses or they’re too expensive? Discover some of the misconceptions about corrective sunglasses – and the many benefits of combining perfectly corrected vision with protection outdoors.

  • Personalised online diagnosis

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    It’s not always easy to account for all the different factors that go into choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses. That’s why we’ve developed an online diagnostic tool that’s quick and easy to use. Simply answer a few questions about yourself, your expectations and your lifestyle to get our personalised advice.

  • The latest trends

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    Sunglasses are part of the fashion industry, with leading manufacturers bringing out regular new collections. While certain styles endure, new trends are constantly emerging. Discover the latest fashions and innovations in our review – and make sure your style is in vogue!